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Discover more about good nutritio, manage your weight effectively and promote health naturally.

Cecilia Linares will help you with weight loss, diabetes management, and other nutrition services.

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I am a Nutrition Educator and my job is to help you understand why and how you could eat a healthier diet. Even if you think you eat healthy, there is always room for improvement!

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My nutrition education programs are hands-on and interactive.  You can Do It Yourself as well! Dare to splash in the simple world of healthy nutrition!

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January 8, 2019

July 3, 2018

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Changing Eating Behaviours

I encourage you to practice some dietary exercises. Consider them as stretches for your diet. They will help you consolidate a healthier eating routine.

Think about the most significant change you need to reach in your diet. One at a time please!


Is it salt? If this is an issue for you, then consider the options. How could you add flavor without salt? Herbs and spices will help you. Do you have them at home?

It is key to have the healthier options ALWAYS at home. If these ingredients are ready in your kitchen to help you cook a healthier meal, then the problem will be solved!


What else could you do? How about having low salt versions of sauces, stocks and spreads? Even salt could be a healthier salt. Choose sea salt for example, or Himalayan salt, both with more minerals and without anticaking agents such as sodium ferrocyanide.


Skip pickles and reduce the amount of cheese you eat per week. Choose fresher, less salty cheeses. Consider ricotta, cottage cheese, low salt cheeses. Goat, mozzarella and cream cheese.


Is it sugar?! Easy! Simply replace with dates, maple syrup, honey or molasses in your recipes. These sugars have more nutrition and are low in the glycemic index. Use in moderation!


Is it fat? Cook at high temperatures with sunflower oil. Use mild olive oil to sautée or bake, and add extra virgin olive oil to finish off your recipes or as dressings for salads. Have these oils at home and freeze the butter to avoid temptation. If you like the coconut Asian/ Caribbean flavor, keep some coconut oil. Avoid all products with palm oil or hydrogenated fats. Skip fried foods away from home as many times the oils in some restaurants are reused for frying and are toxic for you.

Be good to yourself!